Natural Stone

From the earliest quarries in Carrara, Italy, to the green hills of Vermont, the quest for natural stone has uncovered a canvas beneath us that tells a story of the earth’s past.


Natural Stone

As Unique as a Fingerprint

The wonder of nature’s creation. For millennia, man has been digging up the work of millions of years of tectonic movement, volcanic activity, and the decay of aquatic animals. Every slab of Marble, Granite, and Quartzite mined from the earth has it’s own unique character with distinct patterns, swirls of movement, and luminous flecks. As one of the most luxurious choices you can make for your kitchen or bath, natural stone surfacing is a prized feature as one-of-a-kind as your fingerprint.

It’s our mission at Allied Stone is to provide our customers with only the highest quality stone and level of workmanship. Our streamlined production process combined with our stunning inventory of natural stone allows us to offer our customers elegance and efficiency. Our design specialists and experienced tradesmen are ready to craft your designs into reality.



As our most classic option, marble is sought after for its aesthetic appeal. With its rich swirls of color and classic look you can bring the air of elegance to your kitchen or bath.



This stone typically exhibits small flecks or grains of minerals that are uniformly distributed throughout. Granite is durable and resistant to heat which makes it ideal for cooking.



Composed almost entirely of quartz it comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Created under extreme pressure, Quartzite is remarkably hard and stain resistant.