Quartz countertops are sometimes referred as “engineered” or “man-made,” but quartz is in fact a natural stone, the amount of natural quartz in a slab depends on the quartz manufacturer. Cambria is among the highest concentration of pure quartz to ensure strong, compact slabs.



High Heat Resistant



Scratch resistant and low maintenance

Cambria countertops are much more durable than marble countertops. Marble scratches and stains easily, while quartz countertops resist scratching and staining. Marble countertops require frequent maintenance, but quartz countertops never need to be sealed or polished. Unlike marble, quartz is nonabsorbent, so staining liquids and harmful bacteria are never absorbed. In addition, acidic foods like lemon can cause etching on marble countertops, which is never a concern with quartz.


About Cambria

This high-tech material is harder and more resilient than granite or marble and manufactured in the US. With an extensive selection of colors from timeless classics to trendy modern updates, Cambria offers superior performance with easy care and is a dependable and durable option for your home.