Trend Alert: Agate’s Rise in Home Design

Trend Alert: Agate’s Rise in Home Design

Gemstones, geodes and natural elements are increasingly prevalent in home design right now.

Whether it’s gem-inspired color palettes or patterns evoking beautiful rocks, it’s certainly everywhere.

Agate in particular is making waves in the design world. While the use of agate in home décor may seem like it has the potential to be only a fleeting trend, in reality the fact that it’s a way to seamlessly tie in nature with luxe sophistication means it’s likely to be a concept with staying power.

The use of agate and other precious and semi-precious stones isn’t a new idea—these materials have been used since ancient times when they were not only utilized to brighten up a space, but they were also believed to serve as a protective lucky charm.

For homeowners just considering implementing a bit of gemstone-based luxury into their home décor, it can be challenging to know where to begin.

Avant Garde Agate in the Kitchen

One of the most fascinating ways to incorporate agate or semi-precious stones in a home is in the countertops. Many professional decorators say their favorite place to splurge in a kitchen remodel, or in a home in general, are the countertops.

There are fantastic options available right now that have a true wow-factor and can easily give a space a feeling of luxury, opulence and artistic vibrancy.

Using a kitchen countertop incorporating agate or semi-precious stones ensures it’s going to be the focal point in the room and it’s going to set the tone for the rest of the space’s design.

Precious Stone and Gemstone Walls

Another one of the more bold and daring ways to incorporate gemstones into a home’s design is by creating an accent or feature wall using a slab of natural stone like the Preciousstone or Gemstone by Antolini collections.

Homeowner can get the full impact of the colors, the natural beauty and the elegance of a slab of natural stone when it’s on their wall and it also gives them the opportunity to incorporate the rest of their home design around this one focal point, and draw from a naturally-inspired color palette.

Natural stone feature walls with agate, semi-precious and precious stone patterning work beautifully in living areas and dining rooms as well as bathrooms.

Another unique idea is to use an agate-patterned natural stone as a backsplash in a kitchen or bathroom.

This idea works well when paired with a solid-colored natural stone to really bring out the details of the backsplash and make it into the primary point of interest in a space, and it also works as a way to bring the countertop up along the wall.

This decision really comes down to preference and how much agate or gemstone-inspired natural stone a homeowner wants to have in a space.

Just having this type of backsplash set along a more traditional and solid-colored kitchen countertop or bathroom vanity countertop can work well for a homeowner who wants a hint of something visually interesting but doesn’t want to fully leap into agate. For example, imagine a sleek, minimalist kitchen with a white color palette but a pop of color in the form of the backsplash—a beautiful, rich and complex agate slab.