Tantalizing Color Options in Countertops

  Kitchen and bathroom countertops are one of the best ways to display personal style in a home, and as the world of countertops evolves, so do homeowner’s options for expressing themselves. There’s been a lot of talk this year about the popularity of not only bold black countertops, but also vibrant and colorful kitchen and bathroom countertops. That’s right—colorful. For many homeowners, it may be daring to embrace a colored countertop at first, but after seeing the stunningly beautiful options, it becomes easy to see how this is the design industry’s go-to trend for the year. Consider Personal Style While everyone likes to look to trends for inspiration, it’s important for homeowners to stay true to themselves as well. Before choosing a colorful countertop, homeowners should think about their overall style in other areas of their lives. Also, it’s best to consider other aspects of kitchen or bathroom design, before going with a color. Think about the appliances, countertops, flooring and lighting, and choose a color that’s going to work well with each of these individual components, for a cohesive design. Beautiful Blue Blue is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after countertop options, and it’s great because it works well in a home that’s both modern and traditional, if used correctly. In fact, Freshome.com recently named blue as one of the top kitchen trends of the year—and not just one particular shade of blue. Blue is a calming color that can be incorporated into a home and kitchen in a variety of shades, from powder blue, to deep, striking navy blue. Blue countertops can either be solid in color, or homeowners can choose materials that are heavily veined with shades of grays, whites and even black, for a look that’s high-end and dramatic. Blue countertops work well with light colored cabinetry, to keep a light and open feeling—for example, light, honey-colored woods and white cabinets tend to really highlight the blue, without being too dark or overwhelming. For people who love the idea of blue (or any colored countertop), but don’t want to use it throughout a kitchen, consider using it only on an island, as a visually interesting focal point. Primary Preference Along with blue, red is another color that’s coming front and center in the countertop design world, and for good reason. Red can be vivid or deep, and it emanates a high-end look. It’s also unique, and can transform an otherwise basic space. Red countertops make a great addition in both a kitchen and a bathroom. Options like quartz allow homeowners to go for solid reds, or for a more subtle pop of red, choose a quartzite or granite option with shades of burgundy and red that run throughout. Also popular is yellow. Yellow can be as bold or as subtle as a homeowner likes. Some designers and homeowners are opting for bright, sunny yellow countertops, set against white cabinets, or even on dark wood cabinetry, for a dramatic juxtaposition. For something more classic, select stone countertops with shades of yellow running throughout. Color Dominates The world of countertops has grown and changed so significantly in recent years that homeowners have a plethora of options available. It’s a great time for homeowners to delve deep into their personal style, and opt for a color that speaks to who they are and what they want their home to represent.