Antolini Precioustone

The pinnacle of luxury, Antolini Precioustone is an ingenious fusion of nature and artwork suitable for interior applications where a wow-factor is necessary. Hand-crafted in Verona, Italy, Precioustone is available in a variety of colors and materials. Allied Stone is pleased to be the exclusive distributor of Precioustone in Dallas and Houston.

Explore our Inventory of Precioustone

  • Used for centuries as healing tools, natural stones and gems can now be bought into the modern home and utilized in many unique ways. Antolini Precioustone is an amazing product that will enhance any space. Premium materials are hand-spaced using a proprietary process that fuses precious stones and high-quality resins into functional slabs. Suitable for indoor use in fireplaces, countertops, shower surrounds, and wall installations, the possibilities are endless.

Luxury Installed

Allied Stone is exclusive source for Precioustone in Dallas & Houston. We are also specially trained in the fabrication and Installation of Precioustone for interior projects. Our design consultants will help create lasting spaces that will stand the test of time.

Used in many dramatic installations, Precioustone captivates the senses with dynamic color and depth. Some colors within the Precioustone line may be lit from behind with LED panels that provide gentle illumination.

Slab Inventory of Colors

Aragonite Bianco Detail

Aragonite Bianco

Black Agate Detail

Black Agate

Black Obsidian Preciousglitter Detail

Black Obsidian Preciousglitter

Blackplus Petrified Wood Detail

Blackplus Petrified Wood

Blue Quartz Detail

Blue Quartz

Brown Petrified Wood Detail

Brown Petrified Wood

Classic Quartz Detail

Classic Quartz

Crisocolla Detail


Crystal Agate Classic Detail

Crystal Agate Classic

Crystal Agate Gold Detail

Crystal Agate Gold

Green Malachite "Original" Detail

Green Malachite "Original"

Lapis Lazuli Detail

Lapis Lazuli

Ocean Jasper Detail

Ocean Jasper

Retro Petrified Wood Detail

Retro Petrified Wood

Ruby Carnelian Detail

Ruby Carnelian

Shellflint Jasper Detail

Shellflint Jasper

Wild Tiger Eye Blue Detail

Wild Tiger Eye Blue

Wild Tiger Eye Gold Detail

Wild Tiger Eye Gold