American Marbles

The USA is blessed with many natural resources. One of the oldest in use is natural marble. From colonial times, marble has been quarried in southern Vermont where there is an abundance of stone. Many of these quarries are still in use today. The largest of these is the Danby quarry, the world’s largest underground marble mine. Vermont Danby Marble from Vermont Quarries is a 100% Greenguard Certified marble. It is a Class A marble meaning it is suitable for interior, exterior, residential, and commercial applications. It is used for marble kitchen countertops to the most prominent architectural projects like the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and the Lincoln Memorial. Many popular colors come from this region including:

  • Eureka Danby
  • Mountain White
  • Montclair Danby
  • Calcacatta Eureka
  • Olympian White

There are also well-known quarries in other places including Colorado, home of the Lincoln-Yule quarry. This quarry is famous for producing the marble used in the construction of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC.

Marble countertops and general use in the kitchen has been in existence for hundreds of years in Europe. It has been only recently that marble kitchen countertops have been accepted as a viable option in the United States. Leading the way is Vermont Danby Marble due to its low absorption rate of less than 0.1% – lower than many granites. Danby Marble not only provides a technically sound marble kitchen countertop, but it provides the long lasting beauty and enduring strength of white marble just as Europe and the rest of the world has known for centuries.

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