Primping the Powder Room Area at Home

Many homeowners are looking to spruce up an area in their home, but don’t have the time or the budget to do the entire house. Consider focusing on one of the most overlooked, but frequently used areas of the home: the powder room. Any bathroom remodeling can make a home pop, and take on a more high-end feeling, but this is particularly true in the powder room. A stylish and functional powder room can be useful not only for the home’s owners, but can also create a welcoming environment for visitors. Be Bold A powder room remodel is great because it’s a small space and homeowners can really take chances and be daring with design. The powder room or half-bathroom vanity is the perfect place to try out boldly colored granite countertops, or use a very high-end material, such as a deeply-veined and richly-colored marble or onyx. Often homeowners are nervous to try something out of their comfort zone in a larger space, but doing so in a small bathroom is a good way to gauge how it will work, and then perhaps carry it into other areas of the home. Take it to the Walls Take advantage of the small space and incorporate high-end materials. A great way to do that is through the use of natural stone slabs as wall coverings. Using natural stone as a wall material is one of the biggest design trends right now, and if it’s out of the budget for a homeowner in a larger bathroom, the powder room is a great way to capture that visual interest and elegance, while remaining budget-conscious. If using paint or wallpaper in a powder room, keep in mind that colors don’t have to be light, even though the space is small. The conventional wisdom continues to be dark colors make a small space appear even more constricted, but this isn’t the case. Dark wall colors or natural stone slabs that are dark can actually make a powder room appear opulent and luxurious. Wow-Factor Lighting Lighting is an important component to primping a powder room. It can change the way the materials look, and create an overall ambiance in the space. Consider using sconces over the bathroom vanity, as opposed to lighting that’s angled downward. The effect will be softer, and sconces also tend to be more flattering lighting. Using a chandelier is a good way to accompany other high-end materials like natural stone. Homeowners don’t need ultra-bright light in a powder room, because of the room’s limited uses. There’s not a real need for very utilitarian lighting fixtures. As a layered lighting concept, consider using lamps that are proportional to the countertop. The effect is warm and inviting, and draws the eye to the stone material used on the countertop. Accessorizing Accessories and bathrooms may not be two words that typically go hand-in-hand, but in a powder room, it works. If there’s no window, consider adding a piece of artwork. Unlike art added to other bathrooms in a home, when art is added to a powder room there’s no worry about water or steam damage. Choose art with detailing that’s best viewed from close-range, since the space is small. Add small details that are cohesive with the design, but that are also fun and visually interesting. A powder room can be a bathroom remodel that invites interesting details and experimentation with materials. Rather than seeing a powder room as simply functional, homeowners should let their design dreams guide them when primping a powder room.