Wide World of White

If you’re in the process of selecting stone for a project right now, odds are you’ve seen a trend at work. White and Gray are the most popular colors on the market right now. It seems you can’t flip through a shelter magazine or Pinterest board without seeing good ole Calacatta Gold or Bianco Carrara adorning some glamorous kitchen or bath. They are wonderful stones with a storied history of use in grand homes around the world. But, their over-saturation across the market can get a little boring. To combat white/gray marble fatigue, here are some new alternatives that can add some variety to your countertop project, but keep your colors right on trend.

Arabescato Carrara Marble
Arabescato Carrara Marble 2cmThis dynamic white/gray marble comes from the legendary Carrara quarries in Tuscany. With a dancing vein structure with deep gray tones, this is perfect for adding visual interest.


Maestro Quartz Colorado White

Maestro Quartz Colorado White 3cmPart of the Maestro line of engineered quartz surfaces, Colorado white is a new color that blends the highly desirable natural patterns of marble, with the durability and ease of care of man-made stone.


Northern White Granite

Northern White Granite 3cmDon’t feel that if you want white, you have to stick with Marble! White Granite is making a strong showing on the market nowadays. This Northern White Granite is a perfect example the bright white granite that are becoming available.


Azul Antico

Azul Antico 3cm GraniteThis fantastic Gray/blue granite comes from Italy and is a great alternative to more traditional white colors.


Calacatta Quartzite

Calacatta Quartzite 3cmQuartzite is a great option when durability is paramount. This Calacatta Quartzite has a bright white color and strength for the most used areas of the home. Although it is primarily white, the delicate gray veining bring a high level of sophistication that exudes elegance and luxury.


Toblerone Bianco Quartzite

Toblerone Bianco Quartzite 3cmAnother durable Quartzite, Toblerone Bianco is a striking option for a discerning client. Ideal for kitchen countertops or bathroom vanities.


White Super Marble

White Super Marble 3cmThe crisp white and gentle swirls of gray make this new Italian marble a great alternative to the old standbys. Properly treated, marble can be used in many applications.


Marble interiors trend for the October 2013 FD Luxe magazine. Photography by Chris Plavidal/SisterBrother Mgmt.

Marble interiors trend for the October 2013 FD Luxe magazine. Photography by Chris Plavidal/SisterBrother Mgmt.