Diaspro Di Sicilia Marble Slabs for Countertops

Diaspro Di Sicilia Marble is a 2cm Marble with a polished finish. This rare Italian breccia marble has extraordinarily strong tones of red, rust, yellow and gold with sharp white veins. Diaspro Di Sicilia Marble is a unique marble that is best for indoor applications such as kitchen countertops, bathroom counters, fireplaces and custom furniture.

Turquoise Leather Granite Slabs for Countertops

Turquoise Leather Granite is a 3cm Granite with a leather finish. This unique Italian stone has a beautiful deep saturation of color that makes it pop like the jewelry in an outfit. With its variation of light and dark turquoise tones, Turquoise Leather will give any space an instant injection of interest and beauty. Turquoise Leather Granite is ideal for …

Verde Amazonia Quartzite Slabs for Countertops

Verde Amazonia Quartzite is a 3cm Quartzite with a polished finish. This fantastic Brazilian quartzite has unique tones of green throughout the slab with block bands of dark grey and black. Verde Amazonia Quartzite would be a great stone choice for any kitchen countertops or bathroom counters that wants to be the star attraction in your space.

Salvador Dali Granite Slabs for Countertops

Salvador Dali Granite is a 3cm Italian Granite with a polished finish. This very rare and stunning natural stone is a sight to behold. A background of deep burgundy is accented with yellow, aqua, sand and cream placed in such a way that the stone looks like a piece of modern art. Salvador Dali Granite is special stone for those …

Mountain White MV Marble Slabs for Countertops

Mountain White MV Marble is a 3cm Marble with a polished finish. While most Mountain White Marble has subtle veining, this particular example has very special and unique veins that demand attention. This would make an exquisite piece of furniture and or bookmatched to create something magical.