Platinum Quartzite Slabs for Countertops

Platinum Quartzite is a 2cm Quartzite with a polished finish. This sleek Brazilian stone has a cool grey coloration with areas of darker grey integrated throughout. Platinum Quartzite would be a very trendy choice for any kitchen countertops, island, bar, fireplace surround, powder room, bathroom counters, shower surround, tub surround and many other indoor and outdoor applications.

Rose Quartz Precioustone Slabs for Countertops

Rose Quartz Precioustone is a part of Antolini’s Precioustone Collection. Each slab has been assembled, by hand, with specially selected specimens of Rose Quartz Precioustone to take full advantage of its striking color and translucency. If so desired this incredible work of art can be backlight to enhance any indoor application.

Persian Grey Granite

Persian Grey granite is a 3cm Granite with a polished finish. This Italian granite has a trendy color palette of grey and grey blue with crystal elements that adds to this stone appealing movement and attraction. Persian Grey granite is the perfect stone for any kitchen countertop, bathroom counter and any project indoor and outdoor that you want to add …