Soapstone Pietra Viva Slabs for Countertop

Soapstone Pietra Viva is a 3cm Soapstone with a honed finish. This attractive Italian smoothed stone has an eggshell finish. This soapstone has a chalky white color with high contrasting charcoal veining. Soapstone is best suited for bathroom countertops and well-maintained kitchens counters. Soapstone Pietra Viva is also recommended for vertical surfaces and covered outdoor living areas.

Toblerone Grigio Quartzite Slabs for Countertops

Toblerone Grigio Quartzite is a 2cm Quartzite with a polished finish. This striking Brazilian quartzite has a body of grey that varies from a light cream like grey to a cool darker grey with strong crackling charcoal veining throughout the stone. Toblerone Grigio Quartzite would make a beautiful addition to any space, as a traditional countertop and backsplash or as …