New Arrival: Jacaranda Granite

Jacaranda Granite is a gorgeous 3cms natural stone. This beautiful granite is truly unique, with its varying color range, consisting of black, brown, orange, and yellow. Jacaranda would be the perfect choice for a show-stopping accent wall, or just as kitchen counters or outdoor design projects.

New Arrival: Opus White Quartzite

Opus Whit Quartzite is a 3cms quartzite with a creamy ivory white backdrop and gray veins. This exotic stone is especially good for kitchen countertops, monuments, mosaic, exterior-interior wall and floor applications, fountains, pool and wall capping, stairs, window sills and other design projects.

Top Ten New Arrivals – Granite

As homeowners and homemakers adjust to a wealth of changes in food preparation, entertaining and room designs, the shapes, colors and furnishings of kitchen décor will reflect a wide variety of personal styles and choices. Beautiful kitchen counters play an important role in defining what these new kitchens will look like and how they will function. In a time of constant change, making decisions that will last feels particularly good. Here are some ideas for new kitchen counters that will keep pace with ongoing changes, including tips for how to integrate their beauty into your design plans. Note that all suggested varieties are available in 3cm thickness; this offers maximum durability, strength and easy care.


If you find the idea of blue kitchen counters intriguing, take a look at Spectrolite for a beautiful blue effect. Under its highly polished surface, coarse-grained chips in dark blue tones create a shimmering effect. Putting it dramatically, it’s as though pieces of starlit night sky have fallen onto your counters. Creamy, eggshell-finish white surfaces and touches of highly-polished metals would add more glow, glimmer and gleam. Experiment with lighting effects to make the most of this uniquely beautiful stone.


A Spanish stone composed of cream, blue and gray tones illustrates the “same but different” wealth of versatility that makes granite such a wonderful resource for kitchen counter design. Still in the blue palette, Azurite Premium conveys the sense of great subterranean power involved in granite formation and offers a wealth of fascinating visual textures. Colors bond well with white or gray walls and natural wood cabinets, floors or other wood furnishings. Fixture colors are expanding beyond burnished and high-gloss nickel and stainless steel, and this stone offers opportunities to think in terms of a copper, brass or even high-gloss black look for knobs, faucets and other fittings.


All-white kitchens have gradually given way to subtle combinations of gray. For the cautious, the next step is the introduction of black. A counter, appliance, dark-toned sink or island in solid black can shake up monotone schemes, setting the stage for further contrast. Or you can ditch slow and safe and go right to having fun! Copacabana, a lively Brazilian granite, lets white markings dance across a black surface, setting a party atmosphere. White embellishments curve and swoop, resembling music notes, hastily-jotted phone numbers or perhaps a list of crazy places to go when this kitchen shuts down. . . . Make this your solitary star-of-show or frame it with walls in tropical shades of melon, citron or papaya. There’s nothing like the Copa!


The black/white contrasts of another spectacular Brazilian granite creates an atmosphere far from club and party lights. Sky Falls resonates with the brutal geologic forces that created this strong stone. The eye can trace flows and fractures that make Sky Falls seem like an earthquake frozen in time. Make the most of this spectacular contrast; using Sky Falls to cover an island, create a table top or stand as vertical panels draws your visitors’ eyes and holds their admiring gaze with its primitive grandeur. Tailor overhead lighting to highlight Sky Falls on an island surface.


There are reasons all-white, gray and other monotone color-schemes have had such prolonged popularity in kitchen décor. Changes in family behaviors, hospitality, work schedules and social structures all accelerate the pace of life and often make even ordinary days seem chaotic. Kitchen décor is only one of many decorative responses that seek to make home a sanctuary and place of tranquility. If those goals are an important part of your renovation, let the granite you choose support that stability. Brazilian Bianco Alpha is a quiet stone. Its soft gray surface contains subtle flakes and droplets of white, letting but not demanding that the eye seek out pleasurable random patterns. Leather-finishing can add further visual softness. Bianco Alpha blends well with a wide variety of color-schemes and textures, making it a constant in an atmosphere of change.


Noel offers a different approach to adding variety without disturbing the tranquility of a monotone color scheme. This Indian stone is composed of black, white, gray and silver ribbons of flowing pattern. Counter surfaces resemble water, and they add a sense of restrained energy, like the movement of a quiet country stream. Use Noel to add visual texture to a white or gray scheme, pair it with milky pastels or let its polished surface be the light-bearer against darker, dusky walls.


A visually-intriguing Brazilian white granite, Padre Island is a beautiful example of how lighter-toned kitchen counters can enhance a color scheme. Like a number of white granites, Padre Island shares the powerful story of how granite was created. Fracture-lines, small islands of other stone and subtle color-shifts create the effect of a map seen from far above—perhaps a map of islands. Its polished light surface captures and reflects natural as well as artificial light, giving a constant bright, clean feel to your kitchen. A good pairing for wood-toned cabinets and floors and a good foil for bringing natural sights and sufaces into your room.


Another view-from-above treasure combines color, motion and a new finishing technique to create kitchen counters that appear to be made of water. The swirls, eddies and pools of Turquoise Leather’s surface suggest a tide-pool or sheltered spot on the beach, while its mixture of blue-green tones can be read as tropical shoreline. A leather surface is lower in light reflection than a high-polish finish, and the slight variants in the carefully-honed surface give a surprisingly soft look and feel to the stone. This Italian import is perfect for a vacation home in any location, especially one with water views.


Chamonix Leather, from Brazil, is a spectacular brown, grey and white combination of textures and patterns that evoke the beauties and dangers of Alpine adventure. Areas of fracture combine with cloudy ones, conveying a sense of peaks and valleys. Here, a leathered finish makes it easier to examine the patterns in detail and depth than a highly polished surface might permit. Bring out subtle browns in this complex mixture by surrounding Chamonix Leather with natural wood tones. Under-counter lighting will bring out fascinating detail.


If leathered surfaces seem to strike a more sedate note than highly-polished ones, Woodstone Leather is just the stone to make you think that through again! Shades of brown, creamy white, gold and gray create the look of a jewel-box spilled on a counter. Strong contrasts and dramatic veining add energy to beautiful colors. Woodstone’s whorls, veins and splashes of color demand a little space. This attention-drawing stone is not your first choice for a tiny room, but it is perfect for a large kitchen where the party always seems to land. Whether the rest of your décor plan heads toward light or dark, Woodstone will bring spectacular vitality to your room.

Although designers are in constant search for new and exciting decorative materials, there are solid reasons that make granite a classic choice for counters and other kitchen surfaces. Durability and ease of care score high for granite. Patterns that set a wide variety of moods and a wealth of colors present a single problem—narrowing down a single choice from a collection of so many beautiful stones. High-quality granite kitchen counters will last you through a lifetime of kitchen labor and hospitality. There will always be room for this traditional natural treasure in long-lasting decorative plans.

New Arrival: Amazing Grey Leather Marble

Amazing Grey Leather is a 2cms marble with a leathered finish. This beautiful natural stone features strong variations of grey and thin, stringy white veining throughout. The perfect choice for a variety of indoor or outdoor applications.

New Arrival: Amazing Grey Marble

Amazing Grey is a 2cms marble with a polished finish. This beautiful natural stone features strong variations of grey and thin, stringy white veining throughout. The perfect choice for a variety of indoor or outdoor applications.

New Arrival: Pearly White Granite

Pearly White is a 3cms granite with a polished finish. This stone has a cool blue-grey background with contrasting black and brown veining. Pearly White can be used for both interior and exterior applications.

New Arrival: Black Fantasy Leather Granite

Black Fantasy Leather is a 2cm leathered granite with deep black and grey colors and faint yellow to brown markings. This beautiful stone is suitable for both indoor and outdoor uses.

New Arrival: Taj Mahal Premium Quartzite

New Arrival! This pearlescent quartzite is white with a translucent quality. The stone has little variation and movement allowing it to work well with both modern and traditional spaces. This is similar to Taj Mahal Quartzite, but with a better cut. Recommended for most surfaces.

Top Ten New Arrivals – Quartzite

Like granite, quartzite is a natural stone, valued for its beautiful colors, visual textures and durability. It is especially suited for use as kitchen counters because of its extreme hardness and stain resistance. The new arrivals described below are available in 3cm thickness, assuring the highest level of strength and durability. Allied quartzite offers all the advantages of natural stone with the enhancement of top-drawer stone selection and preparation. Labeled “new arrivals,” these choices have passed centuries-long endurance tests created by weather, time and ecological chemistry. They are merely new to those viewing them for the first time. Choosing from the extended palette of quartzite colors and patterns creates a solid foundation for a major kitchen renovation project. Further down the line, these same counters can provide both stability and flexibility as new decorative fashions and new family needs reshape how your kitchen functions.


What better way to start an exploration of new quartzite offerings than with a stone whose name translates as “Dawn”?  Like all dawns, this one actually contains many colors, including rust, gold, lavender, cream and charcoal grey against a bluish gray ground reminiscent of an early-morning sky. Aurora Blue offers a wealth of possibilities for changing your kitchen décor. The current trend for dark base cabinets and lighter ones above is easy: look at dusky blues, purples or greys for lower cupboards with a milk-added pastel tone of pale gold, soft lavender or buttery cream above these handsome and adaptable stone counters. Aurora Blue also proves an excellent companion for the darker tones of wooden cabinetry, like fruitwood and even mahogany, which are attracting new interest.


While Aurora Blue introduces some of the peaceful notes of dawn, Alexandrita Azul brings a completely different kind of energy and interest to the concept of blue quartzite kitchen counters. This Brazilian stone conveys the dark blue-grey tones of a stormy sea, with a nearly palpable sense of movement. A splendid illustration of the powerful underground forces necessary to form such intriguing stones, Alexandrita Azul brings that energy to the surface and freezes it in time. The mood of the stone can be either warm or cool, depending on the colors you surround it with. Lighter wood tones, sand and beige tones and creamy ivories and whites provide just enough contrast to let the stone look its very best. Switch to soft greys and softer blues to emphasize the stone’s cooling qualities. Provide undercounter lighting to highlight the powerful and intriguing patterns that make Alexandrita Azul a star.


With a name that translates as “fantastic amethyst,” Ametista Fantastica introduces a remarkable new look to kitchen counters. Purple-gray stone is textured with cloudy white threads that look like rising mist or even descending clouds. Substantial, durable stone counters appear to float above cabinets. Take advantage of trending darker wood tones, like fruitwood, for base cabinetry. If wall cabinets are also dark, under-cabinet lighting lets the softness of misty stone play out against more solid wood. Create an equally dream-like effect with dark base cabinets and light ones above the counters.


Quartzites offer a wide range of white-background choices. From cream to bright-white to super-pale gray, quartzite whites can enhance an all-white, pastel or deep-toned color scheme. Infinity is one of several interestingly-veined stones; here, gray veining flows tranquilly through a creamy base. Movement is balanced, not hectic, and the mood is relaxed. Delicate enough to blend with natural textures and themes, Infinity White is solid enough to work well with accent panels or backsplashes from the new dark jewel-tone palette.


“Fantasy,” “Giotto” and “Wow” form the Macaubus family of white quartzites and illustrate the span of variety the combination of white stone and grey veining can achieve. “Fantasy” is filled with movement, great waves and swirls like a raging river. “Giotto” uses fine grey lines to trace almost geometric shapes with a steady but light hand. “Wow” is just that; the delicate geometry of “Giotto” expands into motion-filled sketches, scribbles and map-like outlines. There’s a family resemblance but all three stones have a unique look as well, in a color scheme that is perfect for dozens of kitchen styles.


For one last view of the dynamics that can be created by simple grey veining in white stone, Calacatta Original is packed with energy. Picture sheets of exciting new music or the manuscript of an adventurous novel. There’s something for the eye to follow everywhere you look. Make this lively stone your centerpiece. Counters or an island of Calacatta Original play perfectly off a color scheme that explores greys from dark slate to icy frost. Light- to medium wood tones, natural caramels and beiges and a simple open plan show off this calligraphic spellbinder at its best.


Slightly greyer, Deluxe brings a different kind of excitement to kitchen counter surfaces. Under a highly polished smooth surface lies a visual narrative of how the stone was formed. Chips, pebbles, feather-like fragments of all shapes and sizes, and surface fractures cascade in constant motion. As the eye traces the movement, Deluxe conveys the warmth of powerful energy combined with the chill of an avalanche. Frame the excitement with a dark floor, dark jewel-tone base cabinets and touches of crystal and etched glass.


Every design decision opens the pathways to numerous décor schemes. The recent decision to vary all-white and all-grey schemes with a statement piece in black is only one step toward multiple types of décor that gain their vitality from strong contrast. A solid black stone puts a handsome period to the contrast statement.  Choosing a black-based stone like Brazilian Verde Amazonia, though, starts a new conversation about future changes. Black with striations of brown and dark, tropical green, Verde Amazonia brings a tropical lushness that can vitalize an all-white scheme now, while providing the basis for adding other nature-based greens and browns.


Tan, gold, rust, burgundy, copper—it’s hard to count the number of brown-family colors coursing through the whorls and spirals of Wild Bronzite. This exciting Italian stone freezes the energy of a raging flood in sculptural bronze. A perfect fit with changing tastes in fixtures—as highly-polished copper, brass and bronze replace buffed nickel and gleaming steel—Wild Bronzite also offers a palette broad enough to accommodate creative use of color beyond the counters. Looking at the stone, buttery shades of cream and ivory, pale rosy pinks reminiscent of marble and desert sand tones come to mind. Accents of deep teal, darkest green or even navy blue bring visual delight to a spectacular stone.


This sandy-toned stone uses the simplest of elements to create powerful beauty. Brown-toned throughout, Grand Canyon attains its spectacular looks through darker, same-color veining. Striations appear to trace the layers of earth visible in the second of Seven Wonders of the Natural World. The stone appears both delicate and majestic at the same time. Frame its tone-on-tone beauty with other natural hues. A particularly good choice for a kitchen with lots of natural daylight.

Whether you are most attracted to a newcomer or an old favorite, quartzite is the perfect choice to set the exact mood and tone you want your newly-renovated kitchen to express. The wide range of colors, visual textures, strength and beauty let kitchen counters provide continuity or adapt to a variety of new decorative statements. Choose quartzite for lasting, versatile results. You’ll be very glad you did.