New Arrival: Maestro Quartz Flora White

Maestro Quartz Flora White is a 3cm Quartz with a polished finish. Flora White has a soft white background with wispy of creamy grey veining throughout. Maestro Quartz is a handsome and durable product that combines natural quartz, one of nature’s hardest materials, with high quality polymer resin and pigment to produce a luxurious surface with the same familiar smooth …

New Arrival: Macaubus Wow Quartzite

Macaubus Wow Quartzite is a 3cm Brazilian quartzite with a polished finish. This spectacularly veined stone has a cool white background with bluish grey veining running all over. Macaubus Wow would make a stunning addition to any kitchen countertops, island, bathroom counters, and many other indoor applications.

New Arrival: Statuarietto Extra Marble

Statuarietto Extra is a 2cm Marble with a polished finish. This classic Italian marble has a very stately appeal with its crisp white background and strong grey veins. Statuarietto Extra would be the ideal choice for any kitchen countertops, bathroom counters, custom furniture and many other indoor applications.

New Arrival: Diaspro Di Sicilia Marble

Diaspro Di Sicilia is a 2cm Marble with a polished finish. This rare Italian breccia marble has extraordinarily strong tones of red, rust, yellow and gold with sharp white veins. Diaspro Di Sicilia is a unique marble that is best for indoor applications such as kitchen countertops, bathroom counters, fireplaces and custom furniture.

New Arrival: Turquoise Leather Granite

Turquoise Leather is a 3cm Granite with a leather finish. This unique Italian stone has a beautiful deep saturation of color that makes it pop like the jewelry in an outfit. With its variation of light and dark turquoise tones, Turquoise Leather will give any space an instant injection of interest and beauty. Turquoise Leather is ideal for kitchen countertops, …

New Arrival: Bianco Scintillante Classic Marble

Bianco Scintillante Classic is a 2cm Marble with a polished finish. This timeless Italian marble has a clean white background with light feathery areas of grey. Bianco Scintillante Classic is the “classic” choice for any kitchen countertops, bathroom counters and many other indoor applications.

New Arrival: Soapstone Pietra Viva Honed

Soapstone Pietra Viva is a 3cm Soapstone with a honed finish. This attractive Italian smoothed stone has an eggshell finish. This soapstone has a chalky white color with high contrasting charcoal veining. Soapstone is best suited for bathroom countertops and well-maintained kitchens counters. Soapstone Pietra Viva is also recommended for vertical surfaces and covered outdoor living areas.

New Arrival: Corteccia Leather Marble

Corteccia Leather is a 3cm Marble with a leather finish. This is a unique marble due to it’s large amounts of minerals typically found in quartzite stone. These qualities also make the stone delicate and luxurious, making it an exquisite choice for a countertop or tub surround. Corteccia Leather is best suited for the bathroom countertops, for light-use kitchens counters …

New Arrival: Tiger Eye Blue Precioustone

Tiger Eye Blue is a part of Antolini’s Precioustone Collection and has been hand assembled and arranged to showcase its beauty. The blue in this particular stone comes from the mineral crocidolite which allowed the quartz to retain its original blue color. The rich colors and unique pattern of this slab make it an ideal statement piece for a space. …