New Arrival: Silver Fusion Quartzite Leather

Silver Fusion Quartzite Leather is a striking 3cm stone from Italy with a leathered finish. This dark stone has a beautiful white and grey flowing pattern that makes it a great option for a variety of design concepts be it traditional or modern. Silver Fusion is best used in kitchen countertops, bathroom counters and other indoors applications.

New Arrival: White Fusion Vein Cut Marble

  White Fusion is an elegant 3cm white marble with complementary gold and grey veining. This stone comes polished and honed and is more dense than most marbles, making it ideal for those looking to use white marble. White Fusion is ideal for kitchen countertops, bathroom counters and many more indoor applications.

New Arrival: Fusion Wow Granite

  Fusion Wow Granite is part of specific selection of the Fusion Quarry, these 2 bundles (one leathered, one polished) were handpicked for their vibrant colors and amazing pattern. This lot was chosen after waiting several months for “the perfect look” from Mother Nature. This 3cm, Brazilian granite is ideal for a variety of indoor applications with limited quantities available. Fusion …