New Arrival: A-Zerobact Brown Chocolate Leather Granite

Brown Chocolate Leather is an exotic granite that resembles leather through the texture, color and feel. This dark brown and rust Italian stone has subtle veining in cream and brown. The finish on this granite is satin and soft to the touch giving it a masculine appearance. A-Zerobact is a special process the stone has undergone preventing any bacteria from …

New Arrival: A-Zerobact Quartzite Cielo Leather

Cielo Quartzite is a 3cm quartzite with a polished finish. This Italian stone has grey and green veining and diagonal striations creating a subtle striped pattern. A-Zerobact is a special process the stone has undergone preventing any bacteria from growing on the surface of the stone. Ideal for food prep surfaces like kitchen countertops.

New Arrival: A-Zerobact Sequoia Brown Leather Granite

 Sequoia Brown Leather is one of the most beautiful brushed granites available. This exotic Brazilian stone has various shades of brown and has wide veins that stretch from one side of the slab to the other giving it the look of canyon striations. The brushed finish is called leather and gives the stone a soft and smooth texture. The leather …

New Arrival: Statuario Arni Honed

Statuario Arni Honed is a handsome 2cm marble that is very price competitive. This marble is ideal for light to moderate use applications like tub surrounds and custom furniture.

New Arrival: Calacatta Michelangelo

Originating from the same quarry as the beautiful white marble that famous Italian sculptor used to carve the world renown statue of David, Calacatta Michelangelo is a stone with a rich history and a timeless appeal. Suttle veins of soft grey and light brown are found throughout this 2cm marble ideal for most light to moderate use indoor applications. This …

New Arrival: Azzurite

Azzurite is a beautiful polished granite from Brazil with a polished finish. This dynamic stone is a white, purple and grey chipped patterning combined with prominent blue undertones making a colorful statement in any space. Azzurite is 3cm thick and ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications.