Bathroom Remodel and Design Trends for 2015

Travertine Bathroom Walls

Bathroom Remodel and Design Trends for 2015

The bathroom sits alongside the kitchen as one of the most popular places homeowners tend to focus their attention during a remodel.

A bathroom can really date a home, even if the majority of the space is remodeled and up-to-date which is why so many homeowners put their attention there. Bathrooms also tend to become one of the most luxurious-feeling places in many people’s homes—a place where they like to revel in the feeling of having solace and a spa-like retreat.

The key to bathroom remodels is to balance current trends with a sense of timeless elegance. Pairing trends with timeless and classic elements can help prevent the need for yet another bathroom remodel within a short time period.

Here are some of the year’s key bathroom trends that are likely to carry on and be pervasive for many years to come:

Quartz Bathroom Countertops

Natural stone has long been a favorite in not only kitchens but also bathrooms, and in the past couple of years and into 2015 it seems quartz is really taking center stage.

Granite used to be the standard in bathroom countertops, and while it still maintains an impressive hold in terms of bathroom remodels, granite also has some competition.

Quartz provides durability which works well in bathroom spaces and it also comes in an array of color and customization options so homeowners can find what works best for them.

For homeowners who want something more opulent and classic, marble is also making waves in terms of bathroom countertops.

Custom Vanities

Custom bathroom vanities are growing quickly in popularity as more homeowners seek to put their own vision and stamp throughout their homes.

Custom bathroom vanities are great because homeowners can design them to fit their unique needs and wants, and it gives their home a one-of-a-kind feeling, rather than a made-in-a-factory, mass-produced look.

Freestanding Bathtubs

What’s unique about the popular trend of freestanding bathtubs is that it isn’t really a trend—it’s a throwback to classic bathroom design which means it’s likely to have staying power.

Soaking and freestanding tubs are coming in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they tend to evoke that spa-like feeling instantaneously. Nothing says decadence quite like a large tub taking center stage in a bathroom design.

This is a trend that also tends to work well regardless of a homeowner’s design style—from traditional to modern, a freestanding tub is going to likely be a seamless fit.

Earthy Materials

Using earth-inspired materials brings a sense of harmony and easy elegance to a bathroom, which is why designers and homeowners are flocking to these elements. From fresh natural stone to feature walls made of everything from raw wood to live plants, using these type of elements can help a bathroom feel calming and serene, as well as warm and inviting.

A unique approach to the use of earth-centric materials is to combine them with more sleek design features, like bold light fixtures or decadent countertops—the idea is always to invoke a sense of balance.