5 Red Flags That Can Instantly Date a Kitchen

5 Red Flags That Can Instantly Date a Kitchen

Kitchen trends, like most thing in the interior design world, can come and go. When redesigning a kitchen it’s important to factor in trends a bit, but also to focus on using quality materials like natural stone countertops and solid wood cabinetry, so the design has staying power.

Often the kitchen is the first and most important place that can date an entire home. Even if other areas of the home are updated and remodeled, if there are certain elements in a kitchen that look like they’re from bygone eras, it’s going to pull down the perception and value of the rest of a home.

For homeowners debating whether or not it’s time for a kitchen remodel, consider these 5 red flags that can instantaneously date the space and the home itself:

  1. A cluttered, counterintuitive or frustrating layout: In today’s kitchen design world, it’s all about functionality. Yes, style and beautiful finishes are important but for many designers functionality ranks just as highly. Modern kitchens tend to have open layouts and the design seems clean and streamlined. There aren’t going to be a lot of obstructions and the use of the kitchen is really important to how it’s designed. Even in small and galley-style kitchens it’s still possible to open up the space and eliminate the clutter for better traffic patterns and more usable workspaces.
  2. Damage: The kitchen is the prime focal point of most homes and if there’s any damage it not only dates the space but also makes it undesirable. If kitchen countertops, cabinetry or even hardware seem like they’re in disrepair it may be time for a remodel or at least an update.
  3. Short backsplashes: Want a surefire sign a kitchen is lacking a modern remodel? A backsplash that only extends a few inches above the kitchen countertop. In modern design the backsplash becomes the perfect accessory alongside the countertop and actually serves as a bit of a focal point in and of itself in many cases, meaning it extends all the way along the wall between the countertop and the cabinetry.
  4. Tiled countertops or stone countertops with outdated patterning: First and foremost a tiled kitchen countertop is a sign the kitchen needs an update. Countertops that feature grout lines, particularly when they’re stained and dirty, can be a big turnoff for buyers in the event a house is on the market. Additionally, while granite and natural stone countertops are often the number one thing buyers report seeking in a home, the boing and overused styles of granite aren’t such a draw. Modernizing the kitchen countertops can mean using not just granite but also perhaps a material like quartz, and opting for either a solid colored stone slab or a contemporary pattern and style.
  5. Fluorescent lighting: Want visitors to be able to immediately recognize the kitchen is in need of a remodel? Leave fluorescent lighting in place. The kitchen lighting schemes of today are about layered concepts and highlighting the best features in the space, including the beauty of natural stone and wood grains, while also creating a calming, inviting ambiance. Fluorescent lighting tends to accomplish none of those goals.

These are just a few of the primary aspects of kitchen design that can take the space back years or decades. Luckily even without a total overhaul and just a few updates many kitchens can not just be updated but also made more functional and value-creating.