New Arrival: Invictus Granite

Invictus is a 3cm Granite with a polished finish. This interesting and unique Italian granite has a greyish background with tones of olive, taupe and gold in its wild veins. A warm and special stone that looks nothing like your standard everyday granites. Invictus would be a wonderful choice for kitchen countertops, island, bar, bathroom counters and many other indoor …

New Arrival: Val D’Orcia Quartzite

Val D’Orcia is a 3cm Quartzite with a polished finish. This one of a kind Italian quartzite is a showstopper with its light emerald jade green body and veins of rust, gold, cream and green. Most definitely a conversation starter that would add to any room it adorns.

New Arrival: Aurora Blue Quartzite

Aurora Blue is a 3cm Italian Quartzite with a leather finish. This lush quartzite has a soft bluish grey body with unique veining that includes different colors of gold, rust, charcoal, lavender and cream. This interesting quartzite would be a durable and versatile stone for any decor.

New Arrival: Silver Gold Fusion Leather Granite

Silver Gold Fusion is a 3cm Granite with a leather finish. This Italian stone comes from the same quarry as Silver Fusion Granite. Silver Gold Fusion has the same extraordinary 3-D effect in a leather finish as Silver Fusion, but with an added splash of golden hues. Silver Gold Fusion is ideal for kitchen countertops, island, bathroom counters and many …

New Arrival: Virginia Black Leather Granite

Virginia Black is a 3cm Granite with a leather finish. Handsome and minimalistic, this black Brazilian granite has very subtle veining. Virginia Black Granite would be a great choice for any kitchen countertops, island, bathroom counter, fireplace and many other indoor and outdoor applications.

New Arrival: White Beauty Marble

White Beauty is a 2cm Marble with a polished finish. This Italian marble has a white background with large areas of black, grey and shades of light green. This monumental stone has wonderful movement with nice unexpected pop green. White Beauty would make a lovely addition to any kitchen countertops, island, fireplace, bathroom counters, powder room, shower or tub deck.

New Arrival: White Lightning Marble

White Lightning is a 3cm Marble with a polished finish. It’s sharp angles and strong alternating colors give this stone the look of lightning bolts firing across the surface. White Lightning is a beautiful stone for any kitchen countertops, bathroom counters, but would have an overwhelming effect bookmatch as a focal wall feature.

New Arrival: Bianco Elba Marble

Bianco Elba is a 2cm Italian Marble with a polished finish. This beautiful Marble has a very strong white background with subtle grey veining with a lot of movement. Subtle yet interesting, this stone would be right at home in classical setting but would also be fitting into any modern surroundings. A perfect choice for any kitchen countertops, island, bathroom …