Limestone Slabs for Countertops

This month we’ve added a new line of honed limestone slabs from Germany and Spain! There are 7 colors to choose from, the range of Spanish limestone’s in particular derive from various benches. The quarry is one of the largest limestone reserves consisting of 220,000 m2 (2,400.00 Sqft). The different benches are divided in various shades of beige, cream, gold and the blue/gray, the beige is the top layer and Azul is the deeper darker and consistent bench. Spanish limestone’s are one of the few very dense and very versatile limestone’s to have successfully tested for 300 freeze thaw cycles and can be produced in various old world and modern finishes or custom works as designed by the Architects of the world. It has been used extensively for various public works paving in Northern Europe and for cladding & flooring for private villas, religious buildings, hotels and commercial buildings. Technical specifications are available for all 4 types for any commercial specification needs.