Large Patterned Granite Slabs for Countertops

Unique Granite Patterns Granite is known for its speckled patterning and natural beauty unlike any other stone. Popular granite colors sold in builder supply warehouses and stone fabricators are typically small chip-like patterning with fairly consistent coloring. There are hundreds of unique granite colors found in the world that the majority of people have not seen. The more unique granite colors tend to have large pattern, movement and color range. These colors are considered exotic colors and they are more valuable than the standard colors since they are rare and unique.
Caravelas Brown
Standard Granite Some standard granite colors do have large patterns and movement and have become increasing popular among homeowners and builders. Typically the colors that fall in this category are neutral colors and earth tones such as cream, gold, gray, and brown.  A couple of examples of large patterned standard colors would be Caravelas Brown and Golden Canyon.  Both these stones, and others like them, have large veins and movement that stretch from one side of the slab to the other.  This large pattern appears to be even larger installed on a typical countertop that is two feet deep, since it cuts off the movement and give an illusion that the space is larger.  For the customer wanting a one-of-a-kind look with a modest budget, purchasing standard granite with a large pattern is the way to go. Exotic Granite For the extravagant home or the client with excellent taste, there are hundreds of choices of exotic granite.  Each color has its own personality and style, allowing the client or designer to customize the look of a home.  In addition to earth tones, the range in colors among exotic granite includes variations of red, blue, and green.  Exotic granite not only covers the full spectrum of colors, it is available in many different types of patterns.  Some of the most common patterns are swirling veins, pebble-like formations, striations (that look similar to stripes), and (or) a combination. Pattern Adds Interest Choosing large patterned granite for a kitchen countertop or bathroom vanity is a great way to add interest and character to a space.  It is an effective way of introducing pattern and movement to a simple space that also adds value.  Fireplace and shower surrounds are another great application for large-scale patterns. Patterned granite on a vertical surface becomes a focal point in the room that helps define the space and its style.  It receives the respect and attention that such a valuable element of the home deserves.  Outdoor kitchens and outdoor furniture are other applications ideal for large-scale patterned granite because the stone is surrounded by nature, thus enhancing the organic qualities of the color and movement.