Fresh Bathroom Trends for the Home

Bathrooms, alongside the kitchen, are generally considered the most important areas of a home. Like kitchen design, bathroom design is all about combining elegance, functionality and style. All of the top bathroom design trends are extremely different this year, but each combines beautiful elements and materials to create an oasis unlike any other area of a home. Minimalist Appeal With minimalist design, it’s all about incorporating clean lines, and a neutral or uniform color palette. In order to add depth to a minimalist bathroom, utilize different shades of the same color. For example, dark grey marble or quartz bathroom vanities pair well with elements of stainless steel, and a lighter or darker shade of grey on walls and floors. The highlight of a minimalist bathroom, aside from the countertop, is often the light fixtures, which should be sleek and streamlined, yet eye-catching. Ultimately, creating a minimalist bathroom should focus on using high-end materials, eliminating clutter and keeping the design simple, yet elegant. Coastal Comfort Many of the biggest design trends in 2014 are heavily influenced by coastal living, including bathroom design. This is a great trend, because homeowners can bring the sea to their life, no matter where they live. When creating a coastally-inspired bathroom, consider using calming shades of blue, green and white. Bathroom vanities can include white marble, or for something more unique, a bold blue countertop. For shower surrounds and vanity backsplashes, consider using glass tiles, which mimic the appearance of sea glass, particularly with effective accent lighting. Natural Influence Perhaps the biggest design trend in bathrooms this year is the use of natural elements. The benefit of incorporating this trend into a design scheme is its timelessness. Using wood floors, or tile that mimics the look of wood is becoming increasingly popular in bathroom design, as is adding wood beams to the ceiling, or designing vanities made from reclaimed wood. Natural materials don’t just have to mean wood, however. Consider adding stone feature walls, pebble detailing around bathtubs, and natural stone on countertops. Floors of showers, and even entire bathrooms are also being created from materials like smooth river stones. Contemporary and Curvaceous Curved lines are unexpected, but also on-point with bathroom design trends this year. Traditionally, bathrooms and kitchens rely on straight lines, but there’s a wave of change in the design world. Curved lines can be applied nearly anywhere in the bathroom, including the shape of the bathtub, dividing walls, mirrors and even the bathroom vanities. For something really innovative, consider using a floating bathroom vanity, constructed solely from a slab of curved natural stone. Cool Copper Copper is a great element for bathroom design, because it’s visually interesting, and easy to care for. Copper can be used in a variety of ways in a bathroom, from a bathtub to a sink. It can also be used within a tiled mosaic on a bathroom backsplash. The great thing about copper is that it pairs well with many granite countertops, because it highlights the earth tones and veining that naturally appears. Bountiful Bathroom Design Options In 2014 the top bathroom trends utilize unexpected colors, natural elements and textures, and high-end details. Homeowners are continuously seeking was to not only add value to their home, but also to make it their own, and drawing from these design elements is a great way to accomplish both goals.