Enhancing Homes with Stone Renovation

  Enhancing interior landscapes with natural stone elements such as granite, marble, or onyx is the perfect way to blend the wonders of the outdoors with the comforts of home. Engaging in this type of project is more than just home renovation; it’s stone renovation. What better way to spruce up homes and solidify their value than with the element that has withstood the test of time? Homeowners ready for something new should consider something timeless. Choosing a room Which room will benefit most from a boost of stone? Kitchens and bathrooms are popular choices for improvement projects. Since these rooms handle a great deal of family traffic, it makes sense to consider a new kitchen countertop to endure the rigors of daily food preparation or a new bathroom vanity to replace one that has worn down through years of continuous use. Stone isn’t limited to countertops and tub surrounds. Homeowners can “think beyond the sinks” and leave kitchens and bathrooms behind to focus on other areas of the home. Instead of using traditional paint or wallpaper, accent walls with modern stone applications. Wood is a recognizable feature of elegant flooring and furniture, but stone is a stylish alternative for new floor installations or contemporary tables, chairs, accent pieces, and even office desks. Setting a Budget Establishing a budget is crucial after selecting rooms for improvement or renovation. First, set the parameters. If the focus is kitchen remodeling, which features need replacement and what additions are necessary? Does the bathroom need a new vanity or a complete renovation? This is the time to think about color schemes, patterns, functionality and long-term impact. After outlining the scope of the project, research prices of various options that fit within the proposed budget. Consider visiting showrooms to view different types of stones and to consult with knowledgeable salespeople. Depending on the plans, there is a stone selection sure to meet any homeowner’s needs. Selecting Stone The durability of stone makes it ideally suited to meet the task of home remodeling. Its understated beauty is uncompromising. In kitchens, granite is most commonly found in sinks, islands and countertops. It comes in a wide array of stunning colors and exotic finishes, such as Breccia Imperiale—a pebbled brown variety that hints of autumn—and Tropic Gold, a speckled design that captures the essence of the summer sun.  Quartz, slate and soapstone are functional options for kitchens that can accentuate personal style with a distinctive flair. Marble is a popular flooring option, but more homeowners are making it their choice for bathroom sinks, walls, backsplashes, showers, vanities and tub surrounds. The unique lines and range of vibrant tones give marble surfaces a refined appearance that’s hard to surpass. Limestone and travertine are up to the challenge and can provide cost-effective alternatives without compromising elegant quality. Selecting a stone finish is also an important aspect of a project. Finishing defines the stone’s surface and its visual impression. Honed finishes are great for achieving more natural looks. Polished finishes provide smooth surfaces that enhance color and promote natural shine. To highlight the movement of the stone, choose a leather finish. Homeowners thinking about home renovation should consider transforming their mindsets to stone renovation. Undertaking an improvement or renovation project can yield satisfying results that are classic and enduring.