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Allied Stone is proud to offer Silestone quartz surfaces at all our locations across Texas and Oklahoma. Silestone by Cosentino is a technologically advanced engineered quartz surface that offers a broad assortment of colors and styles, ideal for any home or office.

We are a certified distributor and fabricator of Silestone and can get any color currently available. Trust in Allied Stone to source, fabricate, and install your Silestone slabs.

Manufactured out of natural quartz and high-tech resins, Silestone is an engineered product that combines style and easy maintenance to create a product ideal for modern families.

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Dreis Installation

Silestone Selection

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Copper Mist Thumbnail

Copper Mist

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Eros Stellar Thumbnail

Eros Stellar

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Eternal Pearl Jasmine

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Eternal Serena

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Kona Beige

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Ocean Storm

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Santa Fe Brown

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Stellar Night

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White Arabesque

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White Zeus Extreme

Silestone Care & Maintenance

Silestone is maintenance free and requires no sealing or polishing. Simply wipe the surface with a soft cloth and warm water, and mild soap if desired, to keep your Silestone spotless.

Never use bleach and abrasive powders or scrubs like Comet®, Soft Scrub®, or S.O.S.® pads. In addition, never apply any sealers, penetrants, or topical treatments to Silestone. Such products will cause the surface to appear dull or inconsistent.

All natural stone surfaces, including Silestone, can be damaged by sudden and excessive heat, especially near the edges, as well as direct and/or sustained heating on the top. Always be sure to put closed-weave hot pads or solid trivets under hot pots, pans, griddles, electric frying pans, slow cookers, and roaster ovens before placing them on Silestone.

Corrosive chemicals can damage any surface, including Silestone. Do not expose Silestone to strong alkalines, acids, free radicals, oxidizers, or other similar chemicals or cleaners (whether high, neutral, or low pH).