Emerge from a Deep Freeze

  This has been one of the most severe winters in recent memory—which means it’s time to escape the cold, dreary weather and head to a tropical climate for spring break. Don’t have a trip planned? Don’t worry—there are easy ways homeowners can get the feeling they’re visiting a tropical oasis, all while enjoying a “staycation” in their own home. Use Personalized Art Most homeowners have various photos of themselves and their families on vacations, and a great way for them to revive their spirit after a long winter is by using these photos as art. Choose a few favorite vacation pictures, and add fun frames. It’s inexpensive and makes it easy to be transported back to those memorable trips. Lighten Up Have an oasis year-round by lightening up the color palette of a home. For homeowners not going on a spring break trip, instead take the time to add a fresh coat of paint to the walls that’s clean, crisp and airy. Lighter paint colors tend to be more relaxing, and they give a home a neutral backdrop which simplifies decorating. For homeowners who’ve been considering a kitchen revamp, spring is the ideal time to make at least a few changes—perhaps that new white marble kitchen countertop, or replace outdated flooring with something modern and sleek. Take a Trip to the Spa The best part of visiting a tropical resort is often the spa. There’s nothing more relaxing than the cool marble surfaces, flickering candlelight and soothing sounds and aromas, but even for homeowners who aren’t actually traveling to a spa this spring, it’s possible to get the same impact at home. Consider the following:
  • Install a luxurious showerhead that gives the feeling of a rain shower
  • Choose calming flooring and bathroom vanity materials, like natural stone in soothing neutral shades
  • Change outdated lighting, and install “layered” lighting, which focuses on several types of lighting fixtures to serve a variety of purposes, including functionality and ambiance
Enjoy the Outdoors The best part of spring, even for people who choose a staycation, is being outdoors, so take advantage of longer daylight hours and warmer temperatures. Cooking and entertaining outdoors is a great way to be instantly transported to that vacation mentality. Homeowners can either build a full-fledged outdoor kitchen, or opt for a more simple open air cook space that includes an island, with a natural stone countertop, and a built-in grilling system. Consider adding a seating space, and maybe even a cozy fire pit that will allow guests to gather and relax. Accessorize One of the easiest ways to transform a home into a staycation oasis is by choosing a few fun accessories. Add fresh slipcovers to furniture, and accent pieces with vibrant, tropical-themed throw pillows, or replace old curtains with something calming and refreshing, like silk. Kick Back and Relax Once the spring changes are made in a home, it’s time to do what everyone does best on a staycation—relax. Mix a favorite tropical-themed beverage, enjoy the calming oasis that’s been created, and dream of that island retreat.