What are the Do’s and Don’ts of White Marble?

Everyone wants white; white granite, white quartz, and most of all white marble. Sitting on top of the trend pile as it has been for several years, white marble is the most sought after look by homeowners and designers. From Bianco Carrara to the most expensive Calacatta’s, it seems that there’s a white marble for any client’s budget. And while white marble is a beautiful and classic choice for the modern home, there are some important things you need to know before selecting it for your space. 57a24016861290c627c83d1d129c59df Do consider how you live Making a large investment in your home can be stressful. Even more so if after you finish the project, you come to regret colors, finishes, or other aspects. Before you jump on the marble band wagon, you first need to honestly evaluate if white marble is going to work with your lifestyle. For most, the kitchen is the hub of all household activity, a place of cooking, homework, and one or two glasses of pinot noir. Consider how you really use your surfaces and how you expect them to look after years of use. White marbles are primarily made of calcium carbonate, a soft mineral that gives marble its bright whiteness. This mineral is also very porous and susceptible to staining and etching. Sealants and polishing can help prevent stains from occurring, but nothing is foolproof.  A white marble kitchen requires regular maintenance and care to keep it looking optimal. But here’s the question, do you want your countertops to look brand new every day? Or does the patina of love and use appeal to you more? Certainly, not many people want to have red wine stains all over their counters, but normal wear and tear give a kitchen a lived-in vibe and white marbles are the most classic of stone that lend an air of elegance, despite the presence of pop-tarts. If none of this worries you now, you might look ahead to your future in the space. Will you be having kids? Will you start spending more time in the kitchen? Are you going to be opening a cupcake shop in your home? Always be cognizant of your potential future uses in the home. 4cf5840be0999405682f5897ee5ca1a0 Don’t rule it out because you are scared! I’ve seen many a homeowner shy away from the marble they love because they are afraid of the upkeep. It’s important to know that while yes, marble requires special care; it is a great addition to your home and is the gold standard in luxury surfaces. If a routine maintenance program sounds like a drag or you’re still nervous about staining, there are specialized, after-installation coatings that can be applied to your surface that make it impervious practically any assault. Make your decision knowing all the facts. White Macaubas 4ac2f587822f6821dc8ab3ffb104f02d Do check out the MANY different types of marble Did you know that you can buy marble from the same quarries as the Lincoln Memorial or Michelangelo’s David? With an abundance of marble from around the world, you can find the one that truly speaks to you. You don’t have to go with the same-old, tired stone that everyone else is using. Try a South African gray marble. A Portuguese white. Obviously different marbles vary in appearance but there is also variation in the performance. Did you know that Vermont Danby marbles are more resistant to staining than Italian Carrara? Not all marble is created equal. 7c86e65e80df9406954f43a3202dfbbd Don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions Your stone supplier and fabricators know a thing or two about marble; feel free to ask them anything. tumblr_o77cufZV211uj9a4xo1_1280 Do learn about taking care of marble beforehand Before installing marble, read up on its care and maintenance. Have the products on hand in case you need them. Make sure that everyone in the household knows the basics about marble. This can prevent those “oops” moments before they happen. Don’t worry! Adding marble to your home is going to enhance its appearance and value. Don’t spend your time fretting over care and maintenance. Once you train your household to treat your marble with a little care, it will become a part of your routine. Just sit back and enjoy the natural beauty!