Allied Abroad: Design Rep Sarah Marek’s trip to Ireland

By Sarah Marek, Allied ASID – Allied Stone Design Rep. cliff So here’s the thing, I’m a big nerd, especially when it comes to stone, and my trip to Ireland was amazing! I could go on and on and on about the geology, history, architecture and wonderful people but I’ll try to keep this brief and focus specifically on Connemara Marble, a stunning natural stone prized from antiquity for its beautiful green colors and dramatic movement. The island of Ireland, despite its relatively small size (it could fit into Texas a little more than 8 times), contains almost every type of natural stone. Connemara is a district in the west of Ireland best known for its breathtaking rugged landscapes, hardy athletic ponies, and unique green marble. The tectonic movement that created the marble more the 500 million years ago gave it the distinctive veining and dramatic, fluid pattern. Serpentine gives the marble its infamous green hue, which ranges from a light citron to a dark forest and courses through a medley of cream, white, grey, and black. The same region produces a lesser known “Sepia” marble which has a ground of soft taupe and cream with sepia toned veining. pile of connemara marble steamtown quarry   steamtown connemara quarry The famous green marble was a trade treasure in prehistoric times and is still prized today. Reminiscent of the vibrant Irish landscape, Connemara marble has inspired artists, artisans, and architects for centuries. It has been a popular facing stone since antiquity and can be found in hundreds of public buildings and churches in Ireland and abroad. Frequently carved into columns or used to clad floors and walls, this durable marble also makes great countertops. I have now seen thousands of square feet Connemara marble and I am pleased to say that the slabs we have here at Allied Stone are more vibrant than the vast majority. And we have it in a lovely leather texture in addition to the traditional polish. I would highly recommend this material for someone looking for something unusual and eye catching (and who likes green, obviously).dark columnirish green slab