Feldspato Bianco Granite Slabs for Countertops

Feldspato Bianco Granite is a 3cm Granite with a polished finish. This Brazilian stone has an extremely white background, large feldspar areas, grey quartz and black mica. Feldspato Bianco Granite is an ideal choice for kitchen countertops, bathroom counter and any indoor or outdoor application.

Mont Blanc Marble Slabs for Countertops

Mont Blanc Marble is a 3cm marble with a polished finish. This marble is one of the newest stones found in the world. It comes from Africa and boasts light tones with iridescent crystals that sparkle in the light. Suitable for kitchen countertops, bathroom counters and many other indoor applications.

Superlative Quartzite Slabs for Countertops

Superlative Quartzite is an elegant quartzite from Italy really does its name justice. Superlative in every area; color, veining, and durability, this quartzite captivates with depth and coolness. It’s ideal for kitchen counters and bathroom installations.

Smokey White Granite Slabs for Countertops

Smokey White Granite is a 3cm well-priced Brazilian granite with a fairly consistent speckled patterning. This polished stone has a predominately white background in comparison to colors like Bianco Antico. Smokey White Granite is a great choice for any kitchen countertops, bathroom counters and many indoor and outdoor applications.

Perla Venata Quartzite Slabs for Countertops

Perla Venata Quartzite Leather is imilar to the popular Taj Mahal Quartzite,  is a 3cm Brazilian stone that has a creamy pearlescent background and a subtle flowing pattern. Ideal for well maintained indoor surfaces like kitchen countertops, bathroom counters and many other applications.

Les Quatre Saisons Marble Slabs for Countertops

Les Quatre Saisons Marble is a 2cm breathtaking burgundy marble with a natural, large-scale pebbled pattering. This Italian stone is an ideal statement piece for a variety of indoor applications, such as kitchen countertops, bathroom counters, decorative wall applications and many more.