The 2013 Trend Forecast of Stone Colors

driftwood-rocks2 Anticipated Colors Now that 2013 is officially underway, it is exciting to anticipate the up-and-coming color trends for the year. According to the experts, the color trends in home design are an extension from last year’s trends with a stronger point of view. The colors are chalky and earthy, the materials are raw and organic, and the finishes are matte. Taking cues from nature, this palate has a strong foundation with texture and neutral colors making it easy to incorporate into most interiors. The specific tones are considered neutral, but not void of color. The 2013 color forecast includes earth tones such as gray, tan, and brown complimented with muted blue and green and accented with warm coral, orange, and gold. Stone Trends In the natural stone world, this color palate translates seamlessly. Some of the stones that work best with the forecast would be slate, soapstone, travertine, and marble. All of these stones are available with a honed finish that have a soft eggshell sheen as opposed to a high gloss sheen most commonly seen with granite. Some specific colors of these stones have a leathered finish that have a subtle texture on the surface with an eggshell sheen. Finishes with either low or no sheen enhances the stone’s organic beauty and blend perfectly with this trend. These stone’s color options are the other driving reason that they are on-trend this year since they are available in shades of tan, white, and gray. How to Incorporate Stone Stone is an ideal material to use when wanting to incorporate a raw-looking natural material into a space. There are many creative and smart ways to successfully achieve the style in a home. Slate or soapstone kitchen countertops have a strong presence with their unfinished and organic quality. They come in gray and charcoal that have a way of keeping the kitchen feeling grounded and earthy whether paired with modern cabinetry or a Driftwood finish – that is on the rise. Travertine and marble make ideal bathroom vanities and shower surrounds with their subtle veining and light colors in white, cream, grey, and taupe. Marble has become a trendy choice for kitchen countertops even though it requires careful maintenance and care. The smooth and velvety texture gives any space a touch of elegance and sophistication. Granite can be a good option in the right colors and finishes. Choose a color that has veining and movement in the earth tone colors such as black, gray, brown, or tan, and then find a unique piece that has a leathered or honed finish. This combination of neutral colors with a raw finish can fit perfectly in the style.